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                          Yes America, 

                We've got a problem -- a BIG Problem.

                                                     -- a big, nasty, UGLY problem!


    The problem that we that racism is just so tricky!

     We thought we had it licked - sort of.  

    There has been more & more representation of minority groups in

     government positions over the years.

     We even elected our first black president! 

     So,...what's the problem?

       WE are the problem! 

       Americans are all so suspicious of someone getting something over

     on us...that we find it hard to trust one another,

     and without trust, we cannot succeed.


     So, find it odd to see such a statement connected with allegations of

     racial discrimination...& apparent proof that we cannot trust each other yet?

     -- EXACTLY the point !!!


      WE...are Americans.  We have had, and should have, a lot of the same ideals 

      & values; yet, these things are clouded over by mere colors of skin that run

      only skin-deep! 

      We WANT to be innocent.   We WANT to be fair  --  I'd BET we do! 

      Yet, people are scared - scared of what might happen if we let down our guard or 

      compromise or maybe give up some "ground"  to  "the other side". 


      Well let me tell you something: there is no "other side".  

      WE...are THE side that we have to be on to succeed, period.  

      You want to see what happens when there is an "other side"?! 

      Okay, look around the world at those countries torn to pieces by racial & ethnic 

      divisions.  Look at the nations whose leaders can't do a thing due to it

      -- like in the middle east -- due to the paralysis caused by extreme hate &



     America is changing, like it or not, so if we want our nation to be a land of

     HOPE & PROSPERITY, we better get good at working together for our common

     good.  Otherwise, say goodbye to your hoping for a decent life for your kids & 

     grandkids - maybe even for yourself, too! 


     So,...just HOW are we going to succeed?

     We do that by finding common ground, common wants, & common needs and having

     common goals & aspirations.


     No, that doesn't destroy our freedom to be individuals.

     However,...our freedom to be individuals is killing us, in part.

     People too often use "freedom" to simply be rebellious -- "freedom" to act in

     outrageous & rebellious ways, "freedom" to make distinctions that separate us &

     create rifts & divisions that actually help the roots of racism!

     -- We've got to use our heads and not destroy America with stupid rebellious

     attitudes over things that don't mean a the face of what  could

     happen to our society if it all falls apart. 


     A lot of people are knocking Christianity these days,...but Christianity 

     brought along the building blocks for so much good wrought in America.  Christianity, 

     in proper form, helps people get PAST race & color!  People have to start seeing

     with different eyes.  A lot of problems in America are more economic & cultural

     than racial - with some "hand-me-down" bad attitudes mixed in; and, those problems 

     can often best be solved from within. 


     Look to good ethics, morals, attitudes, manners & values.  - Promote them! 

     Exercise them.  Ingrain them in your children.   Pray for others.

     Are you rich?  - Teach charity, refrain from haughtiness, & do good! 

     Are you "dirt-poor"?   Well, that's still no excuse to steal! 

     So, teach your kids that!  Teach them to trust God.  Teach them that BAD behavior

     only gives an excuse to racism & racist individuals.

     If we live right, do right, talk right, show kindness & good manners...& teach our kids

     to do the same (including by example),...we can yet go a long way toward

     destroying racism & having a strong, safe, hopeful & prosperous America!