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 Problem: destitute ex-employee sues famous former employer (- like maybe a YMCA?)

 Solution: Simply deny everything & lie?      


 Problem: The man didn't quit when he couldn't afford a lawyer.

 Solution: Hire two big-city lawyers from a huge legal firm & play the game, shrewdly.


 Problem: The now-annoying former employee...still didn't give up.

 Solution: Withhold evidence, lie some more, behave more shrewdly...and somehow see it all swept under the rug, regardless of the Law, the evidence, the U.S. Constitution / Bill of Rights, & many legal precedents?  - Hah!



 What happens, America,

...when outright corruption hits our courts?

 (And) why is nobody saying anything about that? -- Don't you know you could be next?!  


  ...And WHERE (Oh, where) are our politicians & leaders in all this?

  -- Why have none of them, during the term of our first black president, piped up 

  with solemn words of authority to condemn the travesty & corruption against

  poor Mr. Noack in that Noack vs. YMCA case? 


   WHY?  Because its a matter...Of MICE & Men!   -- That's why.

    The man's case involves claims (by a white man) of blatant discrimination against

    blacks & anti-male discrimination, sworn testimony about repeated physical 

    assaults & ridicule in front of coworkers, apparent theft of documents from a

    licensed childcare facility, possible forced unpaid overtime (slavery?),...and more!


   America is "served" by a bunch of self-absorbed..."mice" -- false shepherds too

   worried about their slice of political fame & power, not serving & doing what's

   right.  Otherwise,...with all the proof supporting Mr. Noack's case, things would 

   be much different already, as the poor man (among other things) seems to have  

   absolutely proven that an enormous YMCA...committed PERJURY.


    Documents filed in federal district court in Houston, TX show it.  - PERIOD.

    What?  -- Oh no, there are no "ifs" or "buts" involved.

    PERJURY has been proven, by multiple documents filed in court. 


    What ELSE has been proven?  Well, seems that evidence clearly reveals

    obstruction of justice, fraud, & false statements by the YMCA...and probably

    obstruction of justice by multiple judges by now. 

    There is no other explanation for the gross -- yes GROSS -- amount of judgement in

    the case contrary to the facts & evidence, Law, & legal precedents given. 


   Please forgive the crudeness, but the actions are not accidental.  Rather, it seems

   more like a bold legal assasination -- sort of like if a hardened killer simply walked up

   to someone in broad daylight, on a crowded street,...& coldly blew his brains out.

  That,...with people all around ... simply watching, doing nothing (nada)!

    - It can become a sad indictment against America & its Politicians & "leaders"!



IF YOU want to get involved,....please help make this matter known - don't wait!


 Contact:  your politicians, political candidates, friends, neighbors,

human rights organizations, prayer & advocacy groups, etc. 

DON'T let justice for the average American become a thing of the past!


Fight injustice!      Fight political corruption & cronyism!      Fight judicial corruption!


NOW, before it's too late 

- Before its YOUR turn to suffer from it.


Judicial corruption hurts everybody. 

Injustice increases chaos & turmoil.  

Nations where people become hopeless & unable to trust their available

legal recourse...will undoubtedly plunge toward violence & a downward spiral that creates instability, destruction, economic ruin, social decay & the flight of wealth, jobs & investment.  Opportunity will flee.



Judicial corruption must stop now!



“Run to and fro through the streets of Jerusalem;
      See now and know;
      And seek in her open places
      If you can find a man,
      If there is anyone who executes judgment,
      Who seeks the truth,
      And I will pardon her.
       2 Though they say, ‘As the LORD lives,’
      Surely they swear falsely.”

                                               Jeremiah 5:1-2 (NKJV bible)





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Footnote:  If you are having problems with your employer, you may be elligible for specific legal protections if you tell the truth.  Certain govt regulations have been enacted to protect whistleblowers and those willing to testify who might be fearful of retaliation by their employer.  If you are in such a situation, please become informed about your rightsPerjury is a crime.  Please do not subject your family & loved ones to the possibility that perjury could lead to jail-time.   Besides,...what would you tell them later?